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There's no way we could handle the overall volume we produce without the production tracking tools that Shotgun brings to the table.

Brian Brecht, Art Manager, Epic Games

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Join artists and producers

Give artists the freedom to create with the tools they already use while giving producers the oversight they need.

Invite and collaborate

Invite clients and outside suppliers to collaborate in Shotgun while keeping the control you need.

Sync creatives and engineers

Sync your art and engineering teams with Shotgun’s Jira Bridge so they spend more time doing what needs to be done.


Be an artist more of the time

Jump straight to what you need to do today without worrying about files and version numbers.

Keep improving

Review work in high quality with fast and effective annotation.

Create your way

See all the media and assets you need without leaving your creative environment.


Make better decisions – faster

View everything, from individual tasks that need attention to the high-level status of the project.

Realize the vision

Review all project media and assets, past and present, to see your creative vision come together.

Deliver success

See past data to make your next game an even bigger hit.

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