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100% optimized for film production

  • See dashboards and progress reports for the entire project.
  • Streamline your pipeline by creating custom views for each role.
  • Easily scale your projects in size and complexity.
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Speed up reviews and iterations

  • Reduce budgets and timelines with less creative downtime.
  • Integrate with tools like Maya and Photoshop to keep artists focused on creating in-app.
  • Simplify reviews and give feedback quickly and clearly with powerful annotations.
Double Negative

"Our entire production workflow is based around Shotgun. It's been a central part of our platform for quite a while."

Double Negative

Connect tools and teams

Keep your team and projects in sync 100%

  • Access a single source of truth to accurately track the progress of your project.
  • Collaborate with outside facilities while maintaining total control and security.
  • Customize your review flow to keep artists and supervisors on the same page.

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