A Pipeline Toolkit
for your arsenal

Shotgun includes a Toolkit that helps you build, deploy and manage the tools your studio needs without having to spend time creating the full stack yourself.


Shotgun’s lightweight Python API makes it quick and painless to write code that accesses your production data. Studios use the API to connect their existing systems and artist applications to Shotgun and automate manual steps in their pipeline. You can find our open sourced API on GitHub complete with documentation and tips for getting started.

Customizable Schema

Own the database.

Under the hood, your Shotgun account has its own Postgres instance, and there are both UI and command-line tools to customize the schema. Add fields to tables, customize what data is stored in each field, and use special fields to connect tables together. You have complete control.

File Management

Pipeline Toolkit keeps your file system organized

Files that are named correctly and saved in the right location on the filesystem are the foundation of some of the most successful pipelines we’ve seen. Our Pipeline Toolkit has path naming templates that automatically create the folder structure and filenames, so your artists don't have to worry about naming conventions and everything stays organized. You can configure the templates to match your existing naming convention and folder structure and gracefully use Toolkit alongside other studio tools. And all the files live right on your filesystem, not hidden away on a proprietary server.

Launchers, Loaders & Publishers

Core tools work out of the box.

Pipeline Toolkit comes with a number of pre-configured tools that work out of the box. It includes an Application Launcher which makes it easy to launch applications such as Maya and Nuke directly from Shotgun or from a command shell. When the application launches, Pipeline Toolkit is automatically loaded and knows what you’re working on. The launch process is highly customizable, allowing you to customize low level aspects such as environment variables and execution.

For sharing your work, Pipeline Toolkit includes a highly configurable Publishing Tool which lets you publish your work and export any data you may want to pass downstream in the pipeline. When you publish, anyone following your work will receive a notification through Shotgun. A Loader and a Breakdown tool make it easy to load new content into your scene and see if any existing content is out of date and needs updating.

Engines & Apps

Integrated with your other tools, expandable with Apps.

Every pipeline is different, so we tried to make Pipeline Toolkit highly configurable and very modular. On top of the Shotgun Platform, all the tools that come with Pipeline Toolkit are developed as Apps - small independent pieces of functionality which can be mixed and matched. Each content creation application that Pipeline Toolkit supports has an Engine that manages the Apps. You can configure precisely which Apps and Engines you need, down to a per department level. And if you cannot configure an App to do what you want, you have access to the source code and can fork it and tweak it.

Pipeline Management

Evolve (& even fork) your pipeline safely.

Safely manage your production setup, yet at the same time remain agile and keep evolving! Pipeline Toolkit is like source control for your pipeline. The built-in “sgtk” command makes it easy to manage your configuration, keeping up to date with App and Engine updates and running tools from the command shell. You can create a staging sandbox where you can safely try out configuration changes and code updates. Manage your configuration per project and base your new projects on a previous project’s configuration - you can freeze updates for projects that are close to shipping while you keep updating others.

Dev Tools

Pipeline Toolkit makes it easy to develop tools

Did we mention that you can write your own Apps? Each Engine exposes a consistent interface based on Python and PySide, so you can write a single App that works in Nuke, Photoshop, and 3dsmax, for example. With Pipeline Toolkit’s Core API functionality, there is no need to build a big pipeline stack for the studio - instead focus dev resources on solving production problems. Reusing tools between projects is easy with Pipeline Toolkit - if file naming conventions or other requirements are changing, simply reconfigure the App. Roll out tools safely via Pipeline Toolkit’s built-in Git and Github support and quickly hot-load your code when doing development. Work in your own Pipeline Toolkit Dev Sandbox and invite TDs and early adopters to test your code without having to roll it out to everyone on the project.

Event Driven Automation

Trigger awesomeness.

Every action is recorded as an event, which makes it a breeze to write scripts that trigger based on what’s happening in Shotgun. Learn more about our event framework over on GitHub.


Shotgun can bridge the gap between your production data and the tools that need it.

Our Pipeline Toolkit integrates with many of the applications you use already and we have many more in the works. Read more about the applications we currently support.

When a render finishes on the farm, automatically submit it to dailies using our render manager integrations. Shotgun integrates with Deadline by Thinkbox Software, Qube! by Pipeline FX, and Rush. Use a different render manager? Talk to us about integrating it via the API!

We've partnered with Tweak Software to integrate their RV player with Shotgun's robust review and approval tools. Launch movies from Shotgun into RV, submit shots for review, overlay Shotgun metadata while playing back clips in RV, and set the cut length on clips as well. Learn more about how Shotgun integrates with RV.


Join us.

We think of pipeline developers like superheroes doing amazing things for their studios. We’re determined to build a community of the best developers out there and arm them with the tools they need to do hero work. 400 studios, and 350 developers strong, we hope you’ll join us.



All of our open source projects are available on GitHub where you can download or fork any of them. Learn about the Python API, browse our community-supported Java, C++, and Objective-C APIs, and read our developer documentation.

Developer Group

Shotgun Dev List

We host a shotgun-dev mailing list for developers interested in chatting with developers at other studios about Shotgun, Pipeline Toolkit, and related pipeline, tool or workflow issues. Join here.

Community Forums

Community Forums

Head over to our Shotgun and Pipeline Toolkit forums to browse and ask questions. Our support engineers are standing by to help you out.

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