What Are You Going to Stop Doing When 5.1 Comes Out?

Jun 27, 2013



In less than two weeks, we'll be rolling out our next release, Shotgun 5.1. I recently read an old 37signals blog post that inspired me to write about some of the upcoming features a little differently this time. Rather than telling you about all the new stuff 5.1 will let you do, I'd like to tell you about the things 5.1 might let you stop doing:

Snoop the file system to see what others are working on

Most of our clients are doing some incredible work. When you're an artist on one of these projects, you usually get to see many, many (many) iterations of the work you're doing, but because the project is moving so fast and spread across multiple people, you sometimes don't get to see what others are working on. To get around this, we've seen artists periodically dig through the file system or poke their heads into review sessions just to get a glimpse of what's happening.

Now in 5.1, you'll be able to see all of the versions in the project show up on the Project Overview, click and play one to watch it, then add a note if you spot something that needs fixing. There's even a big, beautiful billboard for admins to slap on the top of the page.

Create project email aliases

One thing we've seen many of our clients do in the past is create email aliases so people can easily send messages to others on the project. Though powerful, these are difficult to maintain because they require someone to both create and keep them up to date. Since many of our clients already link their people to the projects in Shotgun, we thought it'd be helpful to let you easily send notes to all those people without creating another alias/group.

Whenever you create a note from the Project Overview, it will get sent to anyone linked to the Project and show up in their Inbox.

Keep multiple tabs open to jump between things in Shotgun

We've all done it. You're working on lots of different things in Shotgun, and you don't want to jump back and forth between them in one browser tab. So to solve the problem, you open lots of different things in 6 or 7 tabs (or sometimes 20!), then jump between each tab. Thank goodness Chrome and Firefox are so fast.

You'll no longer need to do that in 5.1. We've added a new viewing mode on all our pages called "Master Detail". It will allow you to view a list of things you're tracking, such as shots, assets, or tasks, then select one in the left pane to view its details on the right. We've been using this internally for a few weeks and it's quickly becoming our favorite page in Shotgun. It's fast, simple, and much more user friendly if you frequently move between different items in Shotgun.

Coming on July 7th

Those are a few of things we hope you no longer have to do after 5.1 comes out. All existing sites will be upgraded during the weekend of July 7th. We'll be posting a more complete set of features and fixes next week. Get your project billboards ready!

Big Buck Bunny - footage courtesy of (CC) Blender Foundation, www.blender.org