Week 8: 10 in 10

Jun 26, 2014



We had some big news yesterday, but it didn’t get in the way of our challenge to put out 10 awesome releases in 10 weeks! Today, we’re introducing what is possibly our longest-standing feature request: the ability to show the latest version of any shot (or asset, etc).

Picture this: a supervisor runs into the production office and asks the coordinator to find the latest version of every shot in her sequence because the director is free for a quick review in 10 minutes. The sequence has 100 shots. The coordinator has a brief panic attack, but then frantically digs through the file system, trying to eyeball the most recent files in all 100 shot folders. It’s going to take more than 10 minutes.

No more! Finding the latest version on all your shots for review just got much, much easier. Allow me to demonstrate in a few clicks:

We're also rolling out an updated Screening Room for RV package that is devoted to performance. You'll see the biggest improvement when loading multiple clips into the RV player from the Screening Room timeline. In fact, during testing, we saw load times get 10x faster. A big thanks to our friends at Tweak Software for their help with this package release! Download it here.

We hope this speeds up your reviews and and brings a smile to your face.