Week 6: 10 in 10

Jun 12, 2014



This week we’re releasing a handful of new features, but I want to focus on two (you can read about them all here). The theme for us this week is speed. People often think of speed in terms of how fast a page loads, or how fast an image renders--those are both very important characteristics of an app--but there’s another kind of speed that’s about letting you do what you’re trying to do quickly. That’s what I’m talking about here.

First, we released a new feature to let you set any page in Shotgun as your homepage. Last week, this was the most requested feature on our forums, so we hope this makes lots of you happy. After logging in to Shotgun, most people want to get to the information they need fast, with as little navigating and clicking as possible. Now, you can either go to any page and set it as your homepage or do so from your account settings. Then, when you log in to Shotgun, you’ll go straight to the page you’ve set as your homepage. Zero navigation. Zero clicks.

The next feature is about moving fast in high pressure situations. We work hard to help people avoid mistakes, but every so often, someone using Shotgun accidentally deletes something they didn’t mean to. It might be a note, or it could be a shot, which has bigger implications for the pipeline. The longer it takes to “revive” the deleted entity, the more stressful it is for everybody. That’s why we’ve rebuilt the Trash pages to behave more like all of the other pages in Shotgun. This means they load faster, allow you to filter, and allow you to revive entities in bulk -- which means ultimately that admins will be able to correct mistakes faster, minimizing the impact to production.

We’re still moving fast on lots of other requests. Tune in next week for more updates!