Week 5: 10 in 10

Jun 5, 2014



We’ve reached the halfway point in 10 in 10! This week, we continued planning and working on some of the bigger features in this series of releases, and next week we’ll be releasing the most requested feature from our feature request forum. I’ll keep it short again this week and leave you with the highlights of what we released:

- Removed the requirement that notes must have body text. We did this to support annotation-only notes, a common use case in RV, Screening Room, and the overlay player in the Media app.

- Added support for text markup in the 'Reason for Review' area of the Client Review Site.

-  Added a new Advanced preference that allows booking people to Projects in Crew Planning without also automatically linking them to the Project.
- Fix for Detail Pane so that it renders at the correct height for different aspect ratio images, like this one:

- Enable people to update the 'last_accessed_by_user' field on projects via the API. This change lets developers write tools that remember the last project a person accessed, which helps create a consistent experience between desktop apps and the web.

See you again next week!