Week 4: 10 in 10

May 29, 2014



This week, some dedications are in order. We released a small, but highly requested feature of our Review Notes app that really represents what this series of releases is about. First, let me quickly describe the change.

The Review Notes app is used by coordinators, producers, and supervisors to take lightning-fast notes during review sessions. When you load up a playlist, you see all the included versions on the left with big text boxes to type your notes. As you type notes, you can jump between versions using your keyboard’s ‘tab’ key, entering notes as quickly as your director gives them.

It’s common for those taking notes to also change certain information on each version, like its status. The information that people change varies among studios, so we’ve enabled you to customize the fields you see to the left of the text boxes. Until now, you’ve always had to add those fields manually each time you load up the app. Today, we’re releasing an update that lets you save the fields you add to the left pane. You can do this by going to the Gear menu -> Layout -> “Save Changes to Current Layout” (or save as a new layout):

Now for the dedications. I’d like to thank the following studios for keeping us honest and reminding us that even small changes like this have great impact on their day-to-day use of Shotgun:

Digital Domain
Double Negative
Mr. X
Flying Bark
Rising Sun Pictures
Venture 3D

For the full list of what we released this week, head to our support site. We have some bigger stuff brewing, so it’s a shorter list this week. Stay tuned!