Week 3: 10 in 10

May 22, 2014



Hello again. This week I’d like to focus on just one of the features we released -- the ability to easily share powerful filtering capabilities. (For the full list of 10in10 Week 3 features, head over here).

One of the greatest powers Shotgun provides is a simple yet powerful way to filter for things you’re tracking. Without writing a line of code, you can “ask” Shotgun questions like:

- What are all the approved animation Versions in Sequence 010?

- What are all of the Shots tagged “trailer” that don’t have a status of “omit”?

- Which of my Tasks are due next week?

To make use of these filters, you need to have some knowledge of how data gets organized and stored, which is why it’s often the power users at the studio who use this feature the most.

This week, we’re releasing a feature that will let those users share their power. Here’s how it works:

First, you’ll make a new custom filter. Here I’ll make a filter for all the Versions of trailer non-omitted trailer Shots. It’s kind of a tricky filter!

Then I’ll hover over the filter and click the “Send” button to send it to my supe, Johnny:

The next time Johnny logs in, he’ll see this filter on any Version page under the “My Version Filters” section of the filter panel. And because the Media app and Screening Room rely on Version filters, he’ll see it there too:

Once you send a filter to someone, the filter is theirs to edit and delete, so changes they make won’t affect your original filter.

We hope this helps power users spread the joy of filtering and makes it easier to find the things you’re looking for in one click.

See you next week!