Week 2: 10 in 10

May 15, 2014



Welcome to week 2! This week we focused a lot on features and fixes that help reduce the chance of mistakes. Our developers also spent some time optimizing the code to help them work faster and ship our software more reliably. Here's some of what you'll see new today:

- When you push or revert a project configuration, you'll now get a "blocking" warning. Since changing a project configuration can't be undone, the intention is that people doing this for the first time will get a chance to think twice, which will lead to fewer unintended consequences.

- In Screening Room, your filters remain selected throughout the app. This means if you filter for "Pending Review" Versions while viewing a Sequence, you'll continue to see only "Pending Review" Versions if you navigate to another sequence. You’ll spend less time clicking around and more time reviewing.

- Last week we blocked people and scripts from uploading file types we don't support to thumbnail fields. One client let us know they had been uploading DPX files, so we added that file type back. We still recommend uploading smaller file types like PNG or JPEG if possible.

- We fixed a bug with renaming column headers on pages.

- Wide images now render properly in the overlay player. This will help anyone who reviews still images or really wide movies in our review tools.

- We fixed a bug where you could no longer access project-entities if you accidentally removed their project value. Now, it’s no longer possible to leave the project field blank.

- The overlay player no longer shows all Versions from a Project in the "Related Versions" tab for Versions that aren't linked to anything. Having that option was leading to unnecessary load times for related Versions people didn't need to see.

- The Client Review Site now handles links to our media server more gracefully. Previously, certain movies and images would fail to load after a period of time. We now refresh those links in the background so you don't have to refresh your browser.

- We fixed a bug with editing note fields in the Review Notes app "Publish" page.

- We optimized unit tests so they run faster. Every time our developers work on the code, they run a series of tests to make sure they're not creating new bugs. The faster this code runs, the faster they can work on new features. So you’ll never see this change in the UI, but you may start seeing new features developed *slightly* faster/more often!

We've got some exciting new features lined up for next week, so join us for the week 3 report. And let us know your favorite new stuff in the comments! The team would love to hear from you.