Week 10: 10 in 10

Jul 10, 2014



We made it! 10 releases in 10 weeks, and the final one is a biggie. First, I’ll give a quick overview about what we’re releasing this week, then a bit about what’s coming next (HINT: we’re just getting started).

Redesigning Notes

This week we’re releasing a complete redesign to Notes that addresses a ton of feedback we’ve gathered from talking to our clients. Here’s how it looks:

Notes are one of the most commonly used features in Shotgun. They’re used to deliver feedback to artists and inform people about important changes to shots, assets, and other things you’re tracking. These updates aim to help people get the information they need quickly so they can turn their attention back to the things they care about (the work!). For instance, we now include any Versions (media) attached to your Note so you can play it right from the Inbox.

We’d love to hear what would make Notes even better, so be sure to let us know after you give them a spin.

What’s Next

As we move into roadmap planning for our next big projects, we’ll continue to work on features and bugs from our feature request forum. So if you’ve put features on that list but haven’t seen them announced in 10in10, don’t worry -- we haven’t stopped. You’ll continue to see quick updates released (sometimes each week!), so keep an eye on the blog and subscribe to updates about new releases here.