Week 1: 10 in 10

May 8, 2014



Welcome to week 1 of "10 in 10" -- our initiative to deliver 10 releases in 10 weeks. This week brings the first batch of small features and bug fixes. Here's the list of just some of what we released this week and why each feature is awesome:

-You can now scroll through any menu in Shotgun using your mouse wheel or trackpad! We've been loving this internally, and hope you will too.

    -Long text strings in dropdown menus (like autocompletes) now stretch as wide as possible so lines don't wrap. This makes reading menus much, much easier.

    -We now block users and scripts from uploading non-image type files to the Thumbnail field. This gap had given some folks problems,and it is now patched.

    -Made the See Permission for ID field non-editable.

    -We removed the "Start" and "End" fields from the Task assignees widget you see making new Notes. This freed up space to show more of the Task name (which was the most important bit). Overall these forms are now easier to read for studios with long Task names.

    Stay tuned for next week's features! And remember, if you have ideas for what you’d like us to focus on during these 10 weeks, share them here.