Shotgun Review: Now Available on iPhone

Aug 12, 2014



We’re excited to announce our first iOS app, Shotgun Review. You can use it to browse project media, review notes, and give visual feedback--all from the palm of your hand.

Get it now for free.

Here’s what you can do with it:

- Browse media and playlists in all your projects
- Play back images and movies
- Give feedback with comments, annotated frames, or camera images
- See history on related versions and their notes

Designing for the iPhone was an interesting challenge that required us to focus on simplicity, speed, and usability. During the early design phase, we spent lots of time exploring different directions: Should we put tasks on the phone? Notes? Shots, assets, and other things you track? In testing the designs with users, it was clear that different people wanted to do different things with Shotgun on their phones:

- Supervisors wanted to stay in the loop on work in progress and give artists feedback
- Artists wanted to see their tasks and stay up to date on activity happening around them
- Producers wanted to see status reports showing the progress of all of the work

Instead of cramming all of the possible uses into one app, we set our sights on developing one focused app that would be awesome for a particular group and set of tasks. Of all the people we talked to, one group was especially passionate about a mobile app: the supervisors. These individuals are away from their desks most of the day. They’re either in meetings, traveling for work, or on set with the director. Meanwhile, back at the studio, their teams are cranking out work and waiting for feedback. Often, supervisors can’t look at the work until they’re back in their hotels or offices late at night. This means the time between an artist submitting work and a supervisor reviewing it could stretch beyond 24 hours. If you add that up for all of the artists, that’s a lot of lost time (and money).

With Shotgun Review, our goal was to help supervisors feel free to leave their desks without fear of missing an opportunity to give feedback. We anticipate that this in turn will help artists do their work faster (because they’ll get their notes sooner), producers deliver projects sooner (because artists move through iterations more quickly), and coordinators save time (because they don’t need to ship media to supervisors via FTP when they’re off site). We hope all of these people find value in using the app as well. After all, at the end of the day, the movie, game, or TV show is made by a team working together -- and everyone cares about the final product -- so everyone should have easy access to the project in a secure and simple way.

We’ve been using the app constantly ever since the initial build, polishing the visual design and interaction for weeks. We hope you enjoy it and can’t wait to get your feedback.

NOTE: Shotgun Review requires a Shotgun site. Those new to Shotgun can sign up for a free 30-day trial to give the app a spin. To learn more using the app and and getting setup, visit our support site.

UPDATE: We're honored to report that Shotgun Review has been recognized with a Silver Edge SIGGRAPH 2014 "Best of Show" Award from Computer Graphics World.