Required Update: Local File Linking and Toolkit Integration in Google Chrome

Rob Blau    ●    Aug 26, 2015

Google Chrome is removing support for the Shotgun Browser and Java Plugins

What is going to break?
Shotgun uses a browser plugin for its local file linking and Toolkit integration features. The technology that backs this plugin is called NPAPI, and it is about to be deprecated in Chrome. In September 2015, version 45 of Chrome will be released which will remove NPAPI support.

If you are using Google Chrome and either Local File Linking or Toolkit integration with Shotgun, when Chrome version 45 is released these features will stop working.

How to keep things working
In Shotgun version 6.1.4, we released support for a new way of doing integration with your desktop. The Shotgun website will now attempt to connect to Shotgun's Desktop application. If you are running Shotgun Desktop, then it will handle requests from Shotgun if neither Java nor the Shotgun Browser Plugin are available.

Simply put, to keep local file linking and Toolkit working in Google Chrome you need to:

Common Questions

I use Firefox, will this affect me?
No. Firefox will continue to work with the Shotgun Browser Plugin. At this time, they have not announced any plans to remove plugin support.

Does Shotgun now require everyone to install Shotgun Desktop?
Shotgun Desktop is only required if you're using Toolkit, or if Google Chrome is your primary browser and you use local file linking or Toolkit integration.

Shotgun Desktop is not a prerequisite for using Shotgun in general. It's simply a conduit that allows interaction with your local machine should you require those features.

I've installed Shotgun Desktop, does it have to be running?
Yes. In order for the local file access in Shotgun to work, Shotgun Desktop must be installed and running on your machine.

We have a locally hosted site and don't plan on upgrading soon. What should we do?
You have a couple of options to get you by until you've upgraded to v6.1.4

Where to find more information
For more information about Shotgun's desktop integration options, click here.
For more information about Shotgun's websocket server, click here.

As always, email with any issues or questions.