Now Available- Shotgun Panel & Shotgun 6.2

Rob Blau    ●    Sep 14, 2015
We’re excited to announce that the Shotgun Panel is now available to all users of the Shotgun Toolkit! Now, artists can access all key Shotgun information and collaborate with other artists right from inside Maya, Nuke and other creative applications. We’ve also rolled out Shotgun 6.2 to all Shotgun users, making Shotgun more secure than ever before.

The new Shotgun Panel gives artists a simple mini-Shotgun right inside their most commonly used applications. The Shotgun panel is embedded directly in Maya and Nuke, and acts as a floating window with any other supported applications like Flame and Houdini. Artists can quickly view information from Shotgun relevant to the task they’re working on, have instant access to the Shotgun activity stream, notes, tasks, versions, publishes, and can play back versions sent to review. The UI is native with built-in caching, making it super fast, and just like all other toolkit apps, it is customizable to support each studio’s specific workflows. Read the full release notes here.

Shotgun 6.2
Also now available is Shotgun 6.2, which focuses on backend security improvements. We are modernizing our infrastructure to provide increased security for our customers. Read the full release notes here.