More Goodness in Shotgun 5.3

Johnny Duguid    ●    Apr 16, 2014



While the new Client Review Site has taken the spotlight, Shotgun 5.3, released April 12, includes other new features that ease friction in your day-to-day, including:

Screening Room Web Player Enhancements – An updated frame/time remaining counter and audio mute button, and re-orientation of action menus to the timeline provide more fluid usability, while progressive media loading and enhanced buffering deliver faster playback in the browser. We’ve also added a mute toggle, which comes in handy for those using Screening Room with Skype.

Big Buck Bunny - footage courtesy of (CC) Blender Foundation,

Playlist Locking – Prevent unexpected changes to your playlist, whether you’re using the Client Review Site or just working with large teams.

Contextual Labels for Notes – Notes displaying in Activity Streams now have context badges that identify what they’re part of and where the note came from.

See the Release Notes for a complete list of features and fixes and as always, let us know what else you’d like to see.