Meet the Team: Production Management

Sep 2, 2014



I’m happy to introduce you all to our Production Management team this week. These are the folks that have been tasked with building tools that help producers, studio managers, executives, and coordinators guide their teams to deliver projects faster while also running a healthy business.

I guess I should start with a bit about myself. I’m Ben Hadden and I’ve been with Shotgun for four years. I’ve dipped my toes in most parts of the company, answering support tickets, developing and writing our marketing material, website and documentation, and now leading the product roadmap for Production Management. In a previous life, I worked in production for Disney (Image Movers Digital), where I used Shotgun every day to manage teams. I’m incredibly excited and humbled to be working with this team on shipping tools that production people will love.

Now for the ladies and gentlemen behind the curtain making it all happen:

Robert Belanger - Montreal, Québec

Robert brings a breadth of experience having worked on some of the industry’s most well-known applications. He joins the team as the development manager, which means he’s our producer! Eager to ship valuable features to our clients, he’s already managed to squash two bugs relating to the API and modify some of our app’s “welcome screens” so they stop popping up after you dismiss them.

Tom Hoferek - Ottawa, Ontario

Tom joins the team as our dedicated designer, and he’s already knee deep in our future projects. Some of the work he’s doing is going to help tie together our application and give admins tools to help simplify some of the UI. He claims to have superhuman hearing, so for those of you quietly cursing those little things that bug you about Shotgun, he’s listening, and he’s on it!

Ben Willenbring - Brooklyn, New York

Ben happens to share my name, so I sometimes call him “Primo” because he was the first Ben at Shotgun (he calls me “Deuce”). Until a couple years ago, Ben was responsible for QA of our entire app. That’s no small job. But he’s managed to do an amazing job and will spend the next few months spreading that knowledge throughout the QA team. On a personal note, Ben studied philosophy in college, which I think is pretty awesome.

Colin Withers - Toronto, Ontario

Colin is the reigning arm-wrestling champion of the company, and he also happens to be one of the first full-time developers hired at Shotgun. If you use Shotgun today, there’s very good chance that Colin worked on the features you rely on day in and day out. Most recently, Colin helped build both the Media app and Client Review Site, both of which were radical departures from some of our earlier UIs. He’ll continue to work with our expanded team, bringing the same level of polish to all the future features we ship.

François Jacques - Montreal, Québec

Francois hails from Beloeil, which I learned comes from “quel bel oeil!” meaning “what a beautiful view!” And that’s pretty much what I said when I saw him ship his first feature. Francois managed to worked out some very old bugs in our importer dealing with line breaks and quotations in spreadsheets. I can only imagine what he’ll fix next.

Marie-Claude Jutras - Montreal, Québec

Marie-Claude (or “MC”) is famous on the team for having the biggest dog. So don’t mess with her ;) She used to be an animator, which makes her a great addition to the group. She’ll be helping with QA, making sure we ship the highest quality software that looks great and makes sense to both producers and artists.

Owen Lewery - Toronto, Ontario

With five bug fixes and and a feature under his belt, Owen already feels like a veteran member of the team. He’s been busy fixing some annoying inconsistencies throughout the app, as well as adding some much-needed resizing ability to the filter panel’s query builder. He’s already getting started on UIs for our first big feature coming later this year, so stay tuned for what’s next!

And that’s the team! We’re all super excited to deliver new features and make existing ones better. The new members are also eager to get to know our clients. So if you’re a producer, coordinator, or studio manager interested in working with us on what’s coming next, reach out at