Hiero to Nuke and back again

Rob Blau    ●    Apr 1, 2014
The Foundry's popular Hiero products have been integrated with the Shotgun Toolkit for more than a year. Recently, working closely with customers at several studios, we've developed new features that unlock the full Hiero-to-Nuke and Nuke-to-Hiero workflows.
Launching Hiero
It all starts when you launch Hiero from the Project's menu and go through your standard ingest process, exporting using the Shotgun Shot Processor thereby creating your Shots, Tasks (this workflow is described in detail here).  A new task type has been added since that video was made -- the Shotgun Nuke Project File task.  This task does the same thing as the built-in Hiero Nuke Project File task, but the scripts have Toolkit aware write nodes, and the results are published to Shotgun once the task completes.

Hiero export
Because these files are created in a Shotgun Toolkit compatible way, the publish is available when a compositor opens up his/her task in Nuke and uses the Toolkit file manager to browser for publishes.  The file manager lets you open up a new script based on that initial Hiero publish, which has read nodes for the source media and Toolkit write nodes (which know where the pipeline expects the renders to be written) already added.
Opening the publish
This script is the baseline for the comp.  You can quickly get to work, and when you are ready, render out the Toolkit write node and publish the results.  That publish will go into Shotgun and be available for review.
Work based off of the Hiero publish
Publishing the comp render
Once there are comps to pick up, back in Hiero you can use the Build Track context menu to select the render destination that has been added to the export settings by default.  By using that render destination, any publishes are automatically detected and built into a new track. And now all of that media from Nuke is available to the editor.
Building a track
This configuration is easy to setup.  You need to make sure that the paths that you use for Nuke publishes are compatible with Hiero's pathing system (which excludes things like resolution from the filenames) and that the Nuke scripts which Hiero publishes are named so that the publishes are delivered back to a spot where Hiero expects them. While the details are a bit technical, this is a pretty quick change -- in fact, the image posted here actually shows all the changes needed. (Anyone interested in the technical details can email us at toolkitsupport@shotgunsoftware.com. We’re happy to walk you through them).
Toolkit configuration
We have also merged in a change from Sebastian Haas (thanks Sebastian!) that lets you easily add any Shotgun data from your Shot to the export paths in Hiero easily, simply by editing your Toolkit configuration. Check out the custom_template_fields and hook_resolve_custom_strings configuration options here for more info.

We hope you enjoy these new features!  As always, emails us at toolkitsupport@shotgunsoftware.com with any questions, suggestions, or feature requests.