Happy Fall! We snuck in a few new features this week

Oct 10, 2013



While we've been working hard on our next release, we also made sure to quickly turn around some of the most requested updates to our last two releases. Here's a look at two new features we released this week that you can use right now:

Save the default filters and sorting for My Tasks

There's a lot of information that determines what tasks a person at a studio needs to work on. Often, it's not just the fact they're assigned, but also: Is the Task status in progress? Is the Shot status not final? Is the Tasks' start date after today? Also, production often wants artists to work in a very specific order, which often is based on when a Task is due, but could also be based on priority. These nuances vary studio to studio, sometimes even department to department, and so we updated My Tasks to let you determine how you want to work.

Admins will now see a new option that let's them save the current sort and filters as default for everyone at their studio. You can read more about this feature in our docs.

Configure the important info on detail pages

In 5.0, we redesigned our detail pages to make them more user-friendly for artists. We wanted to create a view of individual Shots, Assets, etc that was simple to use and didn't overwhelm you with too much information at once. As part of the change, many producers noticed a lack of customization in these pages, something they relied on heavily in previous versions to get artists the information they needed to do their jobs. With that feedback in mind, you'll start to see us introduce more customization options into these pages over the coming months, starting today with the "Info" tab.

Admins can now go to the Info tab on any entity in Shotgun and find a new dropdown menu with three options: All Info, Important Info, and an option to configure the Important Info. This will allow admins to choose the fields that show up in this area, then save the detail page with Important Fields visible.

This is the first round of updates, with more on the way, so be sure to let us know in the comments what you'd like to see next.