First Steps Towards an Easier to Use Shotgun

May 3, 2017



This week, we introduced new features designed to make Shotgun easier and faster to use. This marks the beginning of a series of updates that will bring a faster user interface, streamlined workflows, and a user experience that is designed to be intuitive for everyone at the studio.

For over 10 years, Shotgun has helped studios collaborate together on some of the largest, most ambitious productions in the world. It has evolved into a powerful product that’s now used at over 1000 studios. But, we aren’t stopping there. We want to enable any studio in the world working on amazing media projects to track and review those projects with Shotgun. To follow through on that goal, we need to make our app as easy and intuitive as possible. While watching new studios adopt Shotgun, we’ve learned that the first experience getting it up and running can feel like a big task, especially if your team is small. This can also be the case for people joining studios that have been using Shotgun for years. Stepping into Shotgun can feel like stepping into an airplane cockpit: lots of power, but also lots to learn right away. That’s why we’ve decided to invest heavily in making Shotgun easier to use, for all studios, without sacrificing any of the power that’s already there.

This release introduces a new Projects page. The Projects page is a great place to start your day: it gives you access to all the projects you’re working on so you can quickly navigate to the one you want. You can use the page to create and manage projects, see recent projects you’ve visited, favorite projects you frequently access so they appear at the top, and search. The page is built using modern web technologies so it loads fast, and the its overall layout and style shows the beginning of a new visual language for the app. We also offer a light and dark theme for the page so it looks good in light or dark rooms.

"[I'm] loving the new look and feel of the Projects page. The process is now quicker and easier to create, edit, and navigate projects" says Iskander Mellakh, Creative Director at ICM Studios.

If you’re already using Shotgun, you can navigate to this new page from the Projects menu. If you’re not using Shotgun, there’s never been a better time to try it! You can sign up for a free 30-day trial right now at