EDU Spotlight: Managing your project "Pound for Pound" with Shotgun

Johnny Duguid    ●    Jun 26, 2013



Last year, we were approached by four Digital Media Masters students from Drexel University who were interested in managing their final project with Shotgun.



This animated short - Pound for Pound: A Visual Effects Exploration - incorporates mocap, crowd systems, high asset counts, and vfx simulations...all done within a short ten week production schedule on the Shotgun platform.

The team - Glenn Winters, Nate Lapinski, Girish Balakrishnan, and Yujie Zhufrom - just finished up production and shared the final cut with us.

A big congrats to Glenn, Nate, Girish, and Yujie team - thanks for letting us be a part of the fun.

If you're a student or working on an independent project we'd love to collaborate. Contact us to learn more.