Announcing the Tank Photoshop Engine

Rob Blau    ●    Mar 5, 2013

We’re proud to announce that the Tank Photoshop Engine is ready for our Beta Testers! We're hoping this will make working with Photoshop easier and more adaptable to specific studio pipeline set ups.

With this release, we have also updated Tank default configurations to prepare users to run the Photoshop Engine, as well as released a couple apps to put together a publish/review workflow around Photoshop.

The Tank Photoshop Engine allows users to launch Photoshop within Shotgun and includes a Tank panel of apps that are Photoshop aware. Users can publish files directly to Shotgun and share them with other people with the Publishing tool, jump to file systems, open Photoshop Versions in Shotgun right in the engine, and script Photoshop in python by writing your own Tank apps.  

Check out the Getting Started Guide for the Tank Photoshop Engine, or learn more about Tank  (now part of the New Shotgun).