Announcing Shotgun 5.4

Dec 8, 2014



We’re pleased to announce 5.4. This release is jam-packed with features that open the door for more teams to track and review their work in Shotgun.

"5.4 works flawlessly so far and I wonder how on earth we did without the new web player and still image support until now. Awesome job!" 
-Frank Lenhard, PiXABLE STUDIOS

"What a great update guys! New web player and Lightbox are just awesome, and what I really like is the way you're matching all the new functionality and hotkeys with RV - that is just sooo right! Please, keep it up!" 
- Alexey Borzykh, Asymmetric VFX Studio

Support for Reviewing Still Images

We’ve updated our review tools to support teams reviewing still images (such as concept art or storyboards). Now, images submitted to Shotgun for review display at higher resolutions and appear closer to the color and quality of their source files. We’re also introducing new pan and zoom functionality to the overlay player so you can quickly move around your images, draw on the frames, and leave notes as feedback.

Redesigned Overlay Player & New Image Attachment Viewer

As part of our still image support, we’ve also improved the overlay look and feel of the overlay player. Viewing previous annotations within overlay player now previews the image within the same browser window, helping you keep your context and review the content of notes faster. Tools are more accessible, and we’ve added a bunch of new keyboard shortcuts to support the new tools.

Support for Different Project Workflows

As studios evolve, they tend to take on more and different types of projects. These days, many of our clients work on film, TV, and even games, all within the same studio. In order to accommodate these types of studios, you can now customize the things you track in a project, as well as their fields, pipeline steps, and statuses. Maybe your games projects require different steps than your film projects. Or maybe you have a different set of approval statuses on your TV projects than your film projects. By letting different workflows coexist in the same studio, we’re opening the door for departments and teams to work together on the same Shotgun site.

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Smart(er) Thumbnails

We’ve updated thumbnail fields with a new option to show the latest version instead of a manually uploaded thumbnail. This benefits studios in two ways: 1) thumbnails will automatically update based on the latest submission, saving you tons of time and requiring less customization to keep your thumbnails up to date, and 2) you now have a much better indicator of the status of your shots, assets, and other things you’re tracking. Just glance at the thumbnail and you can see how work is progressing.

Powerful New Ways to Connect Your Data

We’ve upped the limit on how many “hops” we support for bringing related data on a page. For example, if you want to view a Task’s Shot’s Sequence’s “Delivery Date” alongside a Task’s “Due Date”, now you can. You can even group, sort, and filter by these fields. Many of our users have affectionately referred to this as “double hops”.

Cheers to you all you power users--enjoy!