A New Year, A New My Tasks

Jan 9, 2014



Happy New Year! With a new year comes a few changes to My Tasks. My Tasks aims to give artists easy and fast access to all their Shotgun tasks. Clicking a task in My Tasks loads that task's details in a right pane, letting artists see all of their task info and notes. However, after speaking with studios using the feature, we learned that artists weren't seeing the most important information they needed to do their work. Instead of a task, artists wanted to see information about the thing they're assigned to work on--not the task, but the shot, the asset, the level, etc (in Shotgun-speak, the "entity" the task is linked to). And so we made a change to a small number of sites to see if this improved the artist experience: when clicking a task, we showed the details for the task's link instead of the task. For example, if Olivia is assigned to Compositing on Shot 001_010, we'll show her Shot 001_010. This helps artists in some pretty significant ways:

  • Artists now see all the notes on a shot, not just the notes linked to their task.
  • Artists can easily follow the shot without navigating to its detail page.
  • Artists can send notes to others working on the shot.

We also show a little card to the right of the shot/asset detail with basic scheduling info, like the task status, start date, and end date. This card also gives artists access to task actions such as creating a new version or submitting time logs. Here's a breakdown of the "new" My Tasks.

The feedback about this change has been unanimously positive, and so we've made this available to all sites as of version 5.1.27. Site admins can turn on this new feature by going to Site Preferences, Advanced, and choosing "Yes" for In My Tasks show task link detail. Over the next few months, we'll be encouraging all sites to update to the new My Tasks. If you need some help making the switch, just reach out.

We have lots of exciting plans for the future of My Tasks. Until then, we hope you all had a restful holidays. Welcome back!