4.2 Release Notes

Dec 10, 2012



We're pleased to announce the release of Shotgun 4.2, which includes the new Project Timeline app, an update to the Crew Planning app, Split Tasks, and much more.  Here's a quick overview of what's new:




Project Timeline

Project Timeline is a new app that lets you quickly block out a high-level schedule for a project, then share the key dates with the rest of the studio. Zoom out to see an overview of all the work happening in a given week, month, or year.

Crew Planning Updates

We’ve added your top requested features to Crew Planning to make it even more useful.  You can now adjust the row height so you can see more crew at once, quickly change your date scale by week, month, or year, and use advanced filters to filter the list of people.
Gantt Overlays
Display Crew Planning and Project Timeline information on the gantt to help your team schedule in context of the big picture.
This feature is part of our overall scheduling strategy to share information between all the people scheduling at your studio.  People who schedule the day-to-day work can now see information from people scheduling at a high level across the facility.
Split Tasks
For those of you who like to put pauses in your tasks when an artist moves to another shot, or they go on vacation, we created split tasks.  Duration will stay the same, but you’ll be able to adjust the task dates to accurately reflect when work is happening.
Multiple Page Filters
You can now add multiple filters to a page to help people see the list of things they care about quickly.  For example, you can add a “Trailer Shots” filter to your Shots page so people can quickly view the list of trailer shots in the project.  Click between each filter to quickly change between different content.  This should help admins create less pages and help artists navigate pages faster.
View History on Any Field
You can view the history on any field by right-clicking the field in the grid then choosing “View History...”.  This brings up a focus grid with all the events happening on that specific field.

















And more! Click here to read the full release notes on our support site.

We hope you enjoy these updates. Be sure to let us know what you think.