4.1 Release Notes

Ben Hadden    ●    Sep 10, 2012
We're pleased to announce the release of Shotgun 4.1, which brings you the highly-anticipated 1.0 release of our second product, Revolver.  Like a personal screening room, Revolver provides you immediate access to all the work produced by anyone on your project, automatically displayed in a timeline using the latest cut information. Revolver includes powerful tools to browse, view, compare, and annotate the work, then send those notes back to the artists.  For more information about Revolver, check out our website or get started here.

Here's a quick overview of the new features in Revolver 1.0:

Faster & Easier Setup

We spent a lot of time automating the process of activating Revolver, so that it's super easy for anyone to get started.  Anybody with Admin permissions can now try or buy Revolver from the 'Manage Apps' page on your Shotgun site.  We'll automatically create any required fields you might need, so you can jump right in and get to work.

New Annotation Tools

We've added a whole new suite of annotation tools to the Revolver Web Player.  Click on the pencil icon to activate annotation mode and select the tool you need.
  • Pencil tool - now with options to change the opacity and brush size in addition to the color picker
  • New Rectangle, Ellipse and Arrow tools - with size, color and opacity settings for the stroke and fill
  • Eraser tool - change the opacity or brush size, with buttons to clear the current frame, or clear all markups in the current session
  • "All Versions" Navigation

    The column browser is a great navigational tool to browse through your project hierarchy to find a specific Sequence or Asset, but what if you are a supervisor looking for all the Versions submitted by your department, or from a specific artist?  Some of our beta clients preferred to pull up the whole pool of available Versions, then use our advanced search and filter tools to narrow down the results to only the clips they need.

    To make it easier to work this way, we’ve added an ‘All Versions’ tab to each level of the hierarchy. There’s also a new option in the filter panel to only show Versions that are playable in the current player, which helps you quickly zero-in on the Versions that are ready to review.

    Click here to check out the full release notes and learn more about Revolver.

    We hope you enjoy this release. Let us know your what you think!