10 Releases in 10 Weeks Coming Your Way

May 5, 2014



We’ve always operated on the philosophy (and practice) of getting cool stuff into your hands as quickly as possible. Because we’re a web-based app we’ve been able to deliver a software release every quarter. But we see the world of production speeding up. You are being asked to go faster and we think we can go faster too. So we have challenged ourselves to deliver 10 releases over the next 10 weeks.

In the past year we’ve delivered a lot of big features – the Inbox, My Tasks, Project Overview, Perforce integration, and a new Loader for artists; the Media App for supervisors and leads; and last month, we brought your clients into Shotgun with the new Client Review Site. We’ve also delivered fixes and wish-list items, but we recognize that in our effort to build out – to create new tools that address a wider set of people and production problems – it took us longer to get you those small-but-important features that you’ve been asking for.

That’s what this massive short-term push is all about. Starting this week we aim to go for 10 releases in 10 weeks -- dropping releases in rapid fire succession that improve on the features you use every day. ‘Little’ things mean a lot, and streamlining existing features can improve your day to day experience dramatically.

We have boiled down our entire backlog of request tickets into a set of 100 and we’re going to go at ‘em relentlessly and turn around as many as possible. Coming at you this summer will be a mix of long requested features, performance and stability improvements, design and usability features, lots (and lots) of fixes and even some brand new features. With an improved experience as the goal, all changes will be additive, backwards compatible, and non disruptive.

You can find the initial list of what we have in our sights here. Add to it, comment on it – get in on this with us!

Keep your eye on our blog – we’ll announce each new release here and on Twitter (follow @Shotgunsoftware or search #10in10), and we’ll post Release Notes on the forum.

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