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We come from production studios and are passionate about building tools that help artists, managers, supervisors and developers bring inspiring work to the world while enjoying the process and maintaining a healthy bottom line. We love this industry and are honored to serve you.

Sarah Hodges

Associate VP and General Manager

Sarah Hodges is General Manager and Associate Vice President of Shotgun at Autodesk. In this role, Hodges is responsible for driving the business globally for Shotgun, focusing on targeted growth with the world’s largest studios. Over the years, Hodges has held various roles spanning multiple industries and has helped bring the Autodesk Building Information Modeling (BIM) portfolio to the marketplace across the education and commercial sectors. Hodges has focused on the construction industry to understand and implement disruptive technological innovations that are radically changing how projects are constructed and delivered. Hodges has appeared in Post Magazine, The Economist, and The Wall Street Journal, citing examples of how technology is shaping the future.

Chevenee Reavis

Director, Chief of Staff

Matt Welker

Head of Street Team

Matt is based in the Bay Area, and helps keep things moving forward with the best production team around, the Street Team. When he's not thinking about how to help the Street Team help you, he's playing hillbilly guitar, making coffee by the gram, or listening to some new-fangled HiFi music.

Lee Hollingworth

Head of Engineering

Tram Le-Jones

Street Team

Tram joined the team in March 2015 and makes sure we're looking after our clients in the LA area. She comes to us with VFX experience across multiple departments, from Senior Producer to Systems, with a dash of pipeline work for good measure. From Features to Commercials, from Mom-n-Pop shops to some of the old Big 5’s, she knows firsthand what it’s like to deliver projects with a scrappy team or a fully-staffed studio.

Mason Jarratt

Street Team

Born in New Zealand, then relocated to London for some high-profile production management work, then re-relocated back to NZ, Mason is a mix of EU civility and Kiwi audacity. At home in both hipster coffee shops and survival camping with nothing but a knife and a loin cloth, Mason can hack through the biggest production management issues with ease, and kill and dress a wild stag - all before lunch time!

Beau Roberts

Principal UX Designer

Patrick Boucher

Street Team

Sabrina Ricci

Product Marketing

Sabrina is part of the dynamic duo behind 'I Know Dino', a podcast all about dinosaurs. Go Brontosaurus!

Victorial Grey

Street Team

Victoria spends her waking hours slinging code for clients. She comes to Shotgun from a background in pipeline engineering in VFX and animation. Now on a mission to help make the lives of production people easier across the industry, she likes getting into the thick of it with clients, chatting directly with internal support teams, and learning how Shotgun helps each studio reach their max potential.

Rachel Knight

Marketing Manager

Andrew Lawrence

Street Team

When Andrew isn’t bouncing from studio to studio setting up pipelines, you can find him DJing funky fresh K-Pop beats or brewing up delicious homemade apple crumble!

Stephane Daigle

Software Architect

Francois Jacques

Principal Software Engineer

Johnny Duguid

Community Manager

Philip Blyth

Sr. Web App Developer

Ben Willenbring

Sr. Software Engineer in Test

Xin Liu

Sr. Software Engineer

Brandon Foster

Street Team

Brandon’s experience in games as a technical artist makes him a great resource for Shotgun’s games clients. When called upon, he can lay a steady beat on the drum set or recite nerdore rap lyrics.

Eric Cabot

Software Development Manager

Luc Bolduc

Principal Software Engineer

Produces peaceful code with love from his mobile home office (Westfalia) during the summer and warm wood-heated code during winter.

Sylvain Lavoie

Sr. QA Analyst

Dan Allum

Sr. QA Analyst

Tannaz Sassooni

Street Team

Rob Blau

Piece Shaper & Puzzle Putter-Togetherer

Never trust the storyteller. Only trust the story.

Jean-Francois Boismenu

Sr. Software Developer

Francis Mathurin

QA Analyst

Tommy Kiser

Street Team

Tommy joined Shotgun in 2012, after using Shotgun in Production Manager roles on animated feature films. He loves helping new clients get started in Shotgun, or helping studios expand Shotgun usage to new workflows or disciplines. He lives in Madrid and is always happy to meet up for tapas.

Astrid Scholte

Street Team

Astrid is a product support specialist who brings a wealth of experience from having worked both as a VFX artist and on the production side. She has two cats — one of which is perpetually climbing on her keyboard to try and answer her tickets. If you receive any strange replies, apologies — it was the cat!

Guillaume Brossard

Principal Software Engineer

Shotgun Core Team. Scrum Master and Product Manager for anything related to the Shotgun Infrastructure.

Luc Laprise

Software Development Manager

Robert Belanger

Principal Software Engineer

David Richer

Sr. Software Developer

Eli Rarey

Technical Sales Subject Matter Expert

Jeff Beeland

Sr. Pipeline Engineer

“I order all of my sandwiches with mayonnaise. I'm a whiz at Minesweeper, I can play for days. Once you see my sweet moves you're gonna stay amazed, my fingers movin' so fast I'll set the place ablaze." – Weird Al

Jack James

Product Line Manager

Jack helps UK-based film productions work with Shotgun. Previously, he worked across film, broadcast TV, graphic design and software industries in a variety of roles. He has published three books with Focal Press: "Digital Intermediates for Film & Video (2005)", "Fix It In Post (2009)" and "Film and Video Production in the Cloud (2017)”.

Warren Trezevant

Product Manager

Warren Trezevant is a long-time animator who also enjoys working on cool illusions-in-the-dark projects, like strobscopic zoetropes and visualizations of the speed of sound. Besides his wife and teenage daughter, Warren’s family includes a pug, Nigerian Dwarf goats and chickens.

Michael Kessler

Street Team

Michael comes from a background of creating collaboration solutions for Visual Effects studios. When he isn’t diving in to RV, Michael tries to make everything and anything. From robots to musical instruments, it is all fair game.

Sergei Kiktev

Dev Ops Engineer

Per Kvalvaag

UX Designer

Antoine Hebert

Sr. Software Developer

Khosrow Ebrahimpour

Dev Ops Engineer

Siyuan Tu

Sr. UX Designer

Vladimir Gusarov

Software Developer

Leigh Instrall

Sr. Visual Designer

Patrick Hubert

Development Lead, Automation Frameworks

Philip Scadding

Street Team

I started my career as a 3D Generalist, but became enthralled by solving pipeline problems and developing tools. Working from home, I now form part of crime fighting duo along with my dog, prepared to take on any tickets that come our way!

Kevin O'Neal

Product Manager

Kevin comes from a background of tool design and development, working for a while in the games industry and at Autodesk. These days, when not talking with users and/or working on user stories he’s spending time answering life’s most important question, “why?”, which his two young daughters routinely ask. (The answer seems to be, “Because”.)

Tony Etienne

Street Team

While normally steadfast and unwavering, I can be bribed with vintage game consoles, home brewed beer, cold brewed coffee, and books about computing history.

Beth Dewhirst

Street Team

Shayna Duguid

Street Team

Shayna is based in Denver and has knowledge around Producing, Production Management, and Coordinating. Outside of Shotgun, she obsesses over baking pies and pouring espresso — experimenting to find the best flavor combinations.

David Mason

Street Team

Francesca Christopher

Street Team

Ben Xu

Street Team

Jing Liu

Street Team

Christopher Sinnott

Shotgun Subject Matter Expert

Jessica Beisler

Street Team

Sachin Trivedi

Technical Sales

Alexa Zalipyatskikh

Street Team

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